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PHOTO PAGE 2!!!!!!!!
Well, you may think we are stupid for putting another photo page on here, but, there was very high demand for more photos and we know every single one of you enjoyed the first photo page. So here theyare. What all of you asked for!

This can't be happening! Somebody stop that cat! He's gonna kill the fish! Oh my god. I'm SPAZZING OUT! Somebody get my daily pepto-bismol!! AHHH! TOO LATE!

These are descendants of Fat Jack in the first photo page. They wish to have their names not disclosed!
Hey, all those people out there that think fish are stupid, look at this retarded dog looking for any fish that he can eat! But secretly, this dog doesn't know that all the fish are partying out of sight of this stupid dog! AHaHaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH that is f
This is a very naughty fish named Kukabera that has no manners a all! He is very envious of Freddie because he gets so much attention!
This is Greggie Sr. He is laughing at Cruella DaFish because she just got caught in a fishing net. But you must know that no one wants to eat Crulla DaFish, she would taste dissgusting and would taste of filth and meanness.
You may recongnize the similarity from one of the fish on the first photo page! This is Billy, the crazy fish's father!!!!!! His name is Claude.
This is a fish named Jerimiah.<< He is sad because Cruella DaFish just caught him being too nice to people.