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If it weren't for these fish, we would not have National Fish Day!!
Here they are! As of 12/20/00, there are 30 fish pictures. My mom, a whole fish's, birthday!

Ghoti spells fish. Can you figure our why? here. In "Laugh" the "gh" makes an "f" sound. In women, the "O" sounds like an "I", for ghoti. So far we have the sounds fi... Next is "ti" in lotion, "ti" makes a "sh" sound. put it all together and you have fish! GHOTI=FISH!!! remember that, if you want to have a national fish day, your teachers might quiz u and say, what is another word for fish. If you have read this column, then you will know the answer, if you haven't and just read the botttom, what are you waiting for you idiot. scroll up and start reading Mr. Smartyfish!

This is the Freddie, this is the fish that created this holiday. He had never been in a photograph, so our best sketcher drew him.The person in the picture with him is Luther, his best friend. Scroll down and learn about him!

This is Jacob. He is Freddie's half-brother.

This is Freddie's sister, Gary Bob

This is Freddie's daddy, Jerry Jamison. He is a waiter at Doug's Peep Fry.

This is Freddie's mommy, Jenny Jamison. She is very pretty.

This is Freddies great uncle Babar.

This is Fat Jack. We all think we fed him just a little bit too much. He was Freddie's classmate, until he died of laryngitis.

This is Jenny and Jerry dancing. This is at a college dance. It touched my heart so much. Does it touch your's?

This is Cruella Dafish. Fhe is the meanest fish in the ocean! She is Freddies step-mother! Poor Freddie!

This is the ocean nerd.

This is Freddies auntie, Foofy.

This is a fish that you don't want to get near. He is the ocean bully. Look at those spikes. He was born to be mean. No realtion to Freddie!

This is one of the smartest fish in all of the ocean. He was swimming peacefully, thinking about an equation he was working on, and then all of a sudden, he ran right into the fishing net. He never saw it coming! POOR fish! :-(

This is one of Freddie's Tae-Kwon-Do instructors.

As you may already know, this is George Bush. He is our new president now! YYYYYIIIIIIPPPPEEEEEE!!!! (As you may already know, Al Gore is a democrat and all democrats are anti-fish.) George Bush's brother, Jeb, is a whole fish in disguise!!!!!!!!

This is Cruella Dafish's mother. I can see where she got her "cruella"!!!!

This is Sammy. He is Freddie's soccer coach and personal trainer. He was one of Freddie's favorite fish!

This is a fish being tortured by a nasty human fish-hater. He happens to be a democrat, and also happens to be a friend of Al Gore! Since they hang-out together, this fish-hater and Al Gore spend so much time together, they are starting to look like each other. Can't you see them look so much alike? This is a very gruesome picture. :-(

This is Luther, Freddie's best friend. He is the little green fish with the mohawk in the picture with Freddie. In this picture he has cut off his mohawk, but he still has his size. As you can see, he is a very happy fish.

This is the sign of the fish. It was originated in the early 1800s and has been the fish's tribal sign ever since.

This is Billy. He is such a crazy fish!!!!

This is Joe. He thinks that he is the coolest fish in the sea. (But he isn't, Freddie is)

This is Lou Ellen. She is Freddie's girlfriend.

This is Per Nicious Deadguy. He likes to swim.

This is Freddie's little brother, Jerry Jr. He wants to welcome you to Fish Day.

Click on this picture to see it more closely. This is another pictuer of a fish being tortured. We just want you to know that so many people are abusing fish, and we should all do something about this! In this picture is Freddie's little brother, Freddie Jr.'s best friend! As I am writing this I am sobbing all over the keyboard and monitor. do you feel the sorrow with me?!

As you already know, this is Al Gore. He is a democrat. Democrats hate fish. This is rotten, fishhater that wants to get rid of all the fish in the world and stop National fish Day before it becomes a national holiday! As to Governor George Bush's plan, he wants to increase the love and sincerety to all the fish in the ocean. Peace to my fishies in the world! :-)

This is Winky. He is the most shy fish in the world. He only wants to be shown for about a half second per time.

Meet Poppy. He is related to Billy. They are brothers. But Billy turned out to be a crazy fish. Poppy turned out to be a hyper fish. If you keep watching him, you would think Poppy would get tired, but not Poppy, he was born to be a little crazy, like his brother, but mostly hyper. NO SUGAR FOR YOU POPPY!!!!!!!!